University of Technology Eindhoven

The mission of the Electro-Optical Communications group (ECO) is to consolidate and extend its position as a leading international centre in the field of optical communication system technology, by providing an adequate technological infrastructure to support research and collaboration among academia and industry in photonics consortium efforts, performing leading-edge research, facilitating technology transfer to the industry, preparing students for professional careers in telecommunications, and promoting economic development in association with photonic system industries, telecommunication operators and component manufacturers.

In telecommunication networks all over the world, capacity demands keep increasing at multi-digit growth rates throughout every network segment, even despite economic downturns. Taking advantage of the unique low loss and wideband characteristics of optical fiber, there maintains to be a strong need for research worldwide in breakthrough optical networking techniques.

Our vision is that telecommunication networks need to evolve in the far-fetched future to a globe-spanning “optical ether”: an ultra-broadband congestion-free network interconnecting users via end-to-end all-optical transparent transmission routes.

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