Microwave Engineering Group

The Microwave Engineering Group is led by Prof. Rolf Jakoby and focuses on RFID, micro- and millimeter-wave detectors and sensors for various applications, and in particular on reconfigurable RF passive devices such as tunable lines and varactors, electronically scanned array antennas, tunable multiband antennas, adaptive matching networks and filters by using novel approaches with metamaterial structures, liquid crystal as well as ferroelectric thick- and thin film technologies.

Fundamental investigations will be carried out as part of the research within CELTA on Phased-Array Antenna configurations consisting of broadband antenna elements, tunable dielectric delay line phase shifters partly filled liquid crystal as tunable material, passive combining networks.

In cooperation with Prof. Andreas Penirschke (University of Applied Sciences (THM) in Friedberg, Germany, research within CELTA will also focus on Schottky detectors with large video bandwidth as well as post detection electronics for such detectors. 

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