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Tutorial Idelfonso Tafur Monroy (Eindhoven University of Technology) - Towards Terahertz Systems on chip
during CENTERA THz DAYS - French-Polish THz Science and Technology Meeting - 15th- 16th October 2019- in Polen

Interview with ITN CELTA Coordinator Idelfonso Tafur Monroy for the Photonic Integration week at the High Tech Campus
Titel: Emerging Applications for Photonic Integration Circuits (PIC)

A live demonstration of free space PVNA

There are three imaging demonstrations:

  • THz source imaging at 300 GHz with TeraSense source and 6x7 pixel camera array made by GUF in collaboration with FBH:
    Figure Images of two THz sources. Left – self made CMOS technology-based 300 GHz source, right - VDI 300 GHz source. Right circle shows approximation of half beam width. Next to the picture is a link to life experiment using TeraSense source. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8kP2NRKEQc3VTomu9

  • 6x6 array (one quater of the 12x12 pixel array has been used) imaging of a moving THz beam at 600 GHz. This demonstration shows the potential of 12x12 array. The read out electronics is under development.
    thz-6x6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/cbZ4TdsrYQMPtxFv9

  • THz Holography imaging has been made during the GUF ESR7 secondment at UCD. The video shows the scanning process (slow scanning) with the setup and used equipment at the end of the video (please turn on the sound):
    thz-scanning-process https://photos.app.goo.gl/19XRDCMcGzUEUTUZ7


Photonics Applications Week (30.9.2019 – 3.10.2019) in Eindhoven

Prof. I. Tafur Monroy spoke at the conference on October 2nd at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. During this conference various industries were able to discover what the promising combination of light and electricity has to offer their sector.

An article regarding the use of photonics in the automotive industry has been published on the website if InnovationOrigin.

The article has also been translated to German and Dutch.


2018 Editor-in-Chief Choice Award of Chinese Optics Letters Released

On August 8th 2019, two papers published in Chinse Optics Letters (COL) were granted 2018 Editor-in-Chief Choice Award at CIOP 2019, i.e. 2D noncarbon materials-based nonlinear optical devices for ultrafast photonics [Invited] authored by associate professor Bo Guo (Harbin Engineering University, China) and 50 GHz optical true time delay beamforming in hybrid optical/mm-wave access networks with multi-core optical fiber distribution authored by Dr. Alvaro Morales Vicente (Eindhoven University of Technology). Each team was awarded a bonus of ¥10,000.




"Marie Mbeutcha, ESR from CELTA ITN, had a meeting with Christian Merkel and Iness Mokchah from Murata Electronics.
The meeting was held in CELTA's partner organisation: Ferdinand-Braun-Institut in Berlin, Germany, on Monday 8th of July 2019. During the meeting were presented CELTA ITN project, as well as Marie's research work on millimeter wave imaging radar systems design and its challenges.
Murata Electronics is very interested in this work, and based on the meeting has decided to sponsor 2019 CELTA Summer School."



02.07.2019 Press release concerning International Travelling Summer School 2019 in Frankfurt:

International Travelling Summer School 2019 in Frankfurt


Involvement of CELTA at European Microwave Conference in Prague, 13th -15th May 2019, www.eumce.com.

There were three CELTA presentations during that special session by ITN CELTA PhD Students (ESR’s): Anuar Fernandez Olvera, Alaa Jabbar Junaah and Alvaro Morales Vicente
Apart from those, there were two more presentations with CELTA people involved: Tom Keinicke Johansen (Supervisor within the ITN CELTA) and Aleksandra Baskakova (ESR within the ITN CELTA project ).



A leaflet is available in Pdf and Word format

This leaflet gives an summary of CELTA’s

  • Main Objectives
  • Project facts
  • Expected Impact
  • Technical Research
    • Photoonic Vector Network Analyzer (PVNA)
    • THz Beamformer
    • Imaging Systems
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The growing importance of Photonic Terahertz Systems

May 3rd 2019, Professor Idelfonso Tafur Monroy delivered his inauguration lecture "The growing importance of Photonic Terahertz Systems".

The presentation was recorded and is now available on this link https://vimeo.com/331680299 .

There is also a written summary of his lecture which is available as a PDF on TU/e website via this linkhttps://tinyurl.com/y2sgqz3k  .

Communication networks provide the life blood to today’s digital society. Disconnected communities fuel distrust between people, and that can bring danger to our modern interdependent societies. We know we are going to need much faster networks operating at the speed of light if we are to build a secure, safe world that prospers.

Eindhoven University of Technology has strengthened its strategic areas of interest in smart mobility, health and energy. So where does Integrated Photonics and Terahertz waves fit in? The answer is that light particles working in harmony with electronics, artificial intelligence and bit-coin type technologies have a connection to ALL of the cross-disciplinary challenges this University is working on.

Professor Idelfonso Tafur Monroy used his inaugural lecture to enlighten us on how these networks of people, ideas and technology can help to realize our preferred future by 2030. He also explains how to bridge fundamental research into photonics and Terahertz waves to the urgent application needs of various industries.

Professor Tafur Monroy hopes the lecture will start a conversation and welcomes feedback to this email address i.tafur.monroy@tue.nl

He mentioned the ITN CELTA project during his presentation and showed the following slide.

The growing importance of Photonic Terahertz Systems


What: Poster presentation
By: Anuar Fernandez Olvera
Where: 8th International Workshop on Terahertz Technology and Applications, VDI, Germany
Date: March 20/21st 2018
Link: https://www.vdi.de/index.php?id=47465

28th International Travelling Summer School on Microwaves and Lightwaves

Feature article in Advances in Engineering: Development of continuous wave 1550 nm operated terahertz system

The paper of Alvaro Morales Vicente, entitled "50 GHz Optical True Time Delay Beamforming in Hybrid Optical/MM-Wave Access Networks with Multi-Core Optical Fiber Distribution", has been selected to be the cover paper of Chinese Optics Letters (COL), Vol. 16, No. 4, 2018.

One of the ESR has received the 1st price for her paper during the conference MIKON 2018.
Authors: Marie Mbeutcha, Giacomo Ulisse, Viktor Krozer
Title: Millimeter-wave imaging radar system design based on detailed system radar simulation tool
During: 22nd International Microwave and Radar Conference (MIKON 2018)
Place: Poznan, Poland
Year: 2018

CELTA press release at DTU in July 2016

CELTA in the Engineers Journal on 20 July 2016