Microwave and Millimeter Wave Electronics Group

The MiMEG research unit of the University of Roma Tor Vergata is composed of 5 professors, 4 researchers and several PhD students and post-doc people, located at the Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Roma Tor Vergata. This Unit is specialized in the characterization and modeling (either noise, linear and nonlinear) of active devices, and in the development of design methodologies for microwave and millimeter wave circuits (either linear or nonlinear, monolithic and hybrid).

With reference to CELTA, the research activities of the Unit are spanned over by more than twenty years of experience in the field of high frequency nonlinear circuits modeling and design, and in particular on the development of advanced and useful approaches and methodologies for high efficiency power amplifiers (PAs) design. Regarding modeling activities, the Unit focused its research activity in the investigation and identification of nonlinear device models based on equivalent circuit approaches. For this purpose, the Unit has equipped a high frequency laboratory with the aim to perform active device characterization in terms of static and pulsed DC-IV curves, small signal parameters (up to 110GHz) and large signal behavior (up to 50GHz).

In the field of microwave high efficiency power amplifier design, the Unit investigated and developed design concepts based on harmonic tuning (HT) strategies, proposing an unifying theory and clarifying the different operating mode and corresponding design requirements for switched-mode (Class E, Class F-1) or current-mode (Tuned Load, Class F, Harmonic Tuned, Class J) PAs. The proposed techniques were validated through experimental results based on the realization of both hybrid and monolithic circuits based on GaAs technology at the beginning, and on GaN recently.

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